Badminton is one sport we all have played since childhood.

It is a simple sport which does not boast of too many frills and fancies. While it might appear simple, not many are aware of the fact that badminton is one of the fastest racquet sports. Those who excel in this sport can hit the shuttle at a speed of 200 mph. While you are having fun, physically you are getting stronger and more agile. With badminton you burn off the equivalent of a chocolate bar every 30 minutes or so.

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Badminton Rules

A game starts with a coin toss. Whoever wins the toss gets to decide whether they would serve or receive first OR what side of the court they want to be on. The side losing the toss shall then exercise the remaining choice. At no time during the game should the player touch the net, with his racquet or his body. The shuttlecock should not be carried on or come to rest on the racquet. A player should not reach over the net to hit the shuttlecock. A serve must carry cross court (diagonally) to be valid. During the serve, a player should not touch any of the lines of the court, until the server strikes the shuttlecock. During the serve the shuttlecock should always be hit from below the waist.


A point is added to a player's score as and when he wins a rally. A player wins a rally when he strikes the shuttlecock and it touches the floor of the opponent's side of the court or when the opponent commits a fault. The most common type of fault is when a player fails to hit the shuttlecock over the net or it lands outside the boundary of the court. Each side can strike the shuttlecock only once before it passes over the net. Once hit, a player can't strike the shuttlecock in a new movement or shot. The shuttlecock hitting the ceiling, is counted as a fault.


You require just racquets and shuttlecock and you are good to go. Badminton is about skill, it also involves figuring out your opponent and proceeding to break them.


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