Horse riding is an art form, a sport, and a skill all wrapped up into one.

Humans have been riding horses almost as long as there have been humans If you love horses and are looking for a pastime that will keep you fit in the great outdoors, horse riding is for you. Horse riding for beginners should be fun, not scary! Horse riding is a hobby enjoyed by all ages and although many start horse riding when young, more people are taking up horse riding for the first time later in life. This section is intended to help both those thinking of starting horse riding as well as the more experienced horse rider.
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Horse Riding Rules

Before you start riding, you need to know that riding is a risk sport. However, it does not need to be any more dangerous than any other risk sport when the rider takes precautions. Every rider, instructor and trainer has their own opinions and methods about horseback riding rules. However, there are a few rules that all instructors would consider universal.



Dress appropriatelyKeep your hands lightKeep your heels down and your shoulders backNever drop your reins


A large part of the art of horseback riding is establishing a good relationship with the horse. As with any newly acquired skill, horseback riding requires instruction and practice. When starting horse riding for beginners, safety should be your first concern.


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