Karate is a Japanese martial art whose physical aspects seek the development of defensive and counterattacking body movements.

Karate is primarily a stand up or striking martial art that is steeped in history. Udaan Academy will help you or your child reach your goals, whether it's learning self defense, getting physical fitness, building self-esteem and self confidence. There are seven reasons why everyone should practice karate or at least why they do practice karate! These are : self-defense, fitness confidence, co-ordination, focus, discipline and something different.

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Karate Rules

Physical contact is seen as a necessary and positive part of teaching Karate. The rules of competition for all tournaments and matches are sanctioned by AAU/USA.


Bowing :
This is an important part of showing respect for the dojo, instructors, and higher ranks. Students shall bow in and out of every room they enter or exit.

Attention :
Remain quiet and focused during class.  Don’t fidget, turn around, or look away from an instructor.  To show that you are listening, look directly into the eyes of the person who is talking, whether it is a senior student or an instructor.  If you need to yawn, cough, sneeze, or fix your uniform; turn around to the back of class.  This shows respect for your instructor and fellow students.


Class Participation :
Since everything we do is a team effort, it is important to count along with the rest of the class. Instructors like to hear loud and clear counting from the entire class and you should be a part of it. This is not shows that you are listening and paying attention, but it is shows respect for your peers who are following the directions.

Kiai (Spirit Yell) :
The Kiai is an important aspect of Karate. We try to motivate you to be the best that you can be. One of the ways that we can tell if you are trying your best is through the demonstration of power and focus while performing your Kiai.

Respect the Higher Ranks :
Rank is about responsibility, not about privileges.  As you gain more experience and move up the ranks, consider it your duty to be a role-model for those that follow.  It rests upon you to show others the way.  Show proper etiquette and work ethic if you expect others to do the same.


Discipline is seen as an essential element of the Karate ethos.


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