Singing is the act of producing musical sounds with the voice, and augments regular speech by the use of tonality, rhythm, the use of sustained tones and a variety of vocal techniques.

The academy seeks to provide music education that builds character and personality, preparing students to enter the music industry as performers, arrangers, songwriters, composers, producers, teachers and more. The courses can take in students at very basic levels and then progress them to more advance concepts and techniques. This module concentrates on teaching the fundamentals of music theory. It covers the language of music, the recognition of tones, harmonies and rhythm and how to translate that into a written form. This module will teach you to listen to intervals and recognize the relationship between notes and understand the context of this in terms of songs and music. Udaan Academy also offers keyboard, Guitar, Drums and Tabla music lessons from beginners to pros.

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Music Rules

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Every instrumental and vocal music class has a set of regulations, and every musician should adhere to certain rules of etiquette. Come to class prepared and on time. Just like a class at school, a music class will run much more efficiently if everyone is respectful to the learning environment. Vocal music lessons will help anyone wanting to sing to get the basics right, some of the areas it will improve are : Pitch, Tone, Technique, Endurance, High Notes, Control, Vocal Range.


Listen to the teacher and follow directionsUdaan AcademyBe respectful of others and take turnsUdaan AcademyUse instruments correctly
Pay attention and be ready to workUdaan AcademyNever give up


Udaan Academy offers lessons for any level of performer from someone starting out to performers or who've been performing for years - there's always room for improvement. All music classes require respective instrument and an experienced teacher. There should also be access to a structured classical music curriculum and instruments. Teacher will give guidance and show how to improve skills to get the most from you so as to make the student more confident.


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respective instrument
music academy
experienced teacher
music academy
will to learn